Xblaze Code Embryo (PS VITA)

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Xblaze Code Embryo (PS VITA)

  • Brand Aksys
  • Platform PlayStation Portable
  • GAME NAME Xblaze Code Embryo


  • From the creators and publisher of the BlazBlue series comes a visual novel prequel set 150 years 

  • before the events in BlazBlue!

  • Play a new type of visual novel where it's not about the choices you make, but the information you gather!

  • TOi System - Rather than choices, XBlaze Code Embryo has an inventive new system that affects

  •  the storyline! How you gather information will dictate the path and ending you get

  • Branching storylines offer multiple paths and endings

  • Touya Kagari is living a typical high school student life until one day a mysterious man attacks him 

  • with uncanny powers. He is saved by a strange girl who later explains she is there to protect him. 

  • So begins his journey

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