Need for Speed: Most Wanted by Electronic Arts - PlayStation Vita

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted by Electronic Arts - PlayStation Vita

Brand  Electronic Arts

Platform  PlayStation Portable

Game Name Need for Speed: Most Wanted




What's not quite there, however, are the visuals. Most Wanted on PC and consoles is a visually sumptuous game. A large party of that beauty derives from the little touches: the dust motes that accumulate on the screen as if it was an unwashed windshield or the cool graphical fizz when you hit the nitrous. And sadly those graphical flourishes have sadly been left behind. Without them, it all feels slightly flat and occasionally a little rough. Draw distances are great and there’s some niggles with pop-in and textures. But ultimately that’s an uncharitable comparison, especially when the entire city of Fairhaven has been recreated on a handheld. The jumps, the tunnels, the highways and back streets. It’s all there for you to explore. There are even a few Vita-specific races thrown in too.

And this is where some of the Vita’s limitations begin to seep in and affect gameplay. Some races don’t contain as many opponents or as many cops on your tail. It all feels a lot less hectic, a bit safer, and unfortunately not as exhilarating. And that’s one of the best things about Most Wanted – it’s not just the thrill that comes with transgressing the law, it’s your spectacular break from freedom. It’s antagonising 20 cops, not just five.

As well as diminishing the excitement, it also impacts on gameplay. During chases you’ll hear the police controller say things like, “Watch out for oncoming traffic,” as he desperately attempts to reduce the number of accidental casualties. But the roads and highways of Vita’s Fairhaven are eerily quiet. You’ll overtake the odd civilian vehicle but they are far and few between. It’s obviously a limitation imposed by the Vita’s inferior hardware but it unfortunately dials down the game. And Most Wanted is all about being turning it up to 11. Some challenges, like speed runs, are even easier with the lower risk of collisions.

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