Braun Silk Legs Epilator epil 3 3170

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Silk Hair Removal Machine

Silk - Abel 3 (Silk Abel 3) Designed to remove hair easily and gently

20 of the tweezers remove the hair from the roots and your skin is silky smooth, while the light appears Smartlight) So that lighter capillaries can be removed completely

The main characteristics of silk abel machine 3

Massage cylinders

Silk-Abel 3 contains a compact disc that gently stimulates and massage your skin to make it easier to remove your hair and make you feel more comfortable.

Tweezers system

Tweezers in the Abel 3 silk machine remove the hair gently from the roots - for long lasting results.

Simple and easy

Headers Soft Lift ( SoftLift Tips)

Raeads Soft Lift ( SoftLift Tips) Effective in lifting up the flat capillaries on the skin surface, and direct them to the tweezers to remove them. Light Smart Light ( Smartlight)Directs you light Smart Light ( Smartlight) Easily during hair removal process, and even shows lighter capillaries, so you can completely remove them. (1) to remove the hair with the utmost softness, speed (2) hair to the maximum degree of elimination of the qualities recommended by the doctors of the skin. Hair removal machine Silk 3-Abel hair removal gently, with its features specially designed to allow more Of comfort in hair removal.

Properties recommended by dermatologists

The Silk Abel 3 hair removal machine gently removes hair, with its specially designed features to allow for more comfortable hair removal.

12 volt transformer


White / Purple

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